Lasting Termite Protection

KEE PEST CONTROL INC. in Memphis, Tennessee, understands that wood destroying insects are a year-round problem in the Mid-south, so our termite protection treatments protect your home from potentially damaging infestations. Our team of technicians also provides wood-destroying insect reports for homeowners looking to close on a home transaction. Protect your home or business.

Historic Damage

Termites swarm in the spring between February and May, but studies have shown that they are active year-round, doing millions of dollars in damage each year in the U.S. Termites can easily consume up to 3 pounds of your wood per year. 

Termites only need a 1/64th of an inch opening to enter your home undetected. They cause more damage than earthquakes, floods, wind storms, and fires combined each year, so it is very important to protect your home in order to maintain its stability.

Complete Defense

Many homeowners incorrectly feel that their home is protected because the property was treated before construction began. The pre-construction treatment is a great start but to properly protect your home you must have it fully treated by a licensed termite company after the house is completed.  We use Termidor SC™ on all our termite treatments. Yet, even if your home has been treated in the past, annual maintenance is necessary to prevent future infestations.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports

Our company takes pride in conducting effective inspections and wood-destroying insect reports at affordable rates. Most inspections are $80, meet NPMA, FHA, and VA requirements, and you receive a reduced rate if you also have our termite protection services. The price includes an inspection, a wood-destroying insect report, and hand delivery, and the report is guaranteed for 90 days. We also provide and provide free information meetings.

Contact us for annual maintenance and termite protection that prevents future infestations.