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Dependable Foundation Maintenance and Moisture Control

KEE PEST CONTROL INC. in Memphis, Tennessee, prevents potentially costly damage and deterioration in your home with our moisture control and foundation maintenance services. These preventative services save you money on energy costs and strengthen your home's protection against future rot and decay.

Damage and Decay

Moisture is a real problem in any home and may cause mold and thousands of dollars in damages before you notice what is happening.  Excessive moisture under and around your home destroys the supports that secure it, causing the foundation to become unstable. Soft or rotten wood attracts termites, along with a variety of other pests.  Too much moisture also dilutes your chemical barrier after a termite treatment, allowing bugs to have access to the structure.

Foundation Maintenance

The foundation of your home is very important and allowing areas to sag or weaken puts stress on other parts of the structure. This causes a chain reaction that could be costly and could even cause damage to sheetrock or other parts of your home.

Wooden Deck - Moisture Control

Temp Vents and Moisture Barriers

A house with poor ventilation in the crawl space presents a potential problem. Foundation vents must be open in order for the house to breathe and to keep down moisture. Most people don't have time or just forget to open or close these vents. The increased moisture allows your pipes to freeze in the winter, and is an open invitation for pests to come inside. Our temp vents open and close automatically so you don't have to think about it. Properly installed moisture barriers keep moisture from rising from the ground into the structure of your home.

Contact us to prevent catastrophic damage to your entire home with our moisture control and foundation maintenance.